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Detroit Baddie
of the Month

est. 2020

Welcome to the Baddie Blog!


For the launch of our Baddie Blog, we wanted to kick it off by launching our Baddie of the Month series! The Baddie Blog will not only consist of BTM, but we will provide resources for our hard working women, upcoming events, and so much more!

Baddie of The Month was created by the CEO of Detroit Baddie LLC, DaShuane Hawkins. She wants to shine a light on the hardworking women in the city and this series was created to make women look and feel beautiful. She wants to make sure the women in the city are spotlighted and recognized for all that they do. She created a glam squad for the Baddie of The Month to experience a pamper day that includes hair, nails, makeup and top it off with a photoshoot.

For our first Baddie of The Month, we felt that Ja'Nye would be the perfect first candidate to kick off this series. Ja'Nye, born and raised in the city of Detroit, is the owner of Detroit Flower Company, and at the age of 22, she has created one the most successful businesses within the city of Detroit, while turning into a power house of the city right before our eyes!

We had the opportunity to interview JaNye to learn more about her business and what made her want to venture into entrepreneurship. "An old friend of mine, she owned a yoga studio that I worked in. One day she asked me to put flowers inside of a vase for her. Once she noticed how nicely I arranged them, she suggested that I turn my skills into a business. This was back in 2018, way before I thought of Detroit Flower Company" Ja'Nye stated during our interview. We also wanted to know if she knew her business would take off the way that it did, "No, I did not. I expected to have a flower truck by 2022. I did not expect to have a flower shop in 2021. I did not expect to be in my own apartment so soon either. I never thought that flowers would pay the bills but I'm glad to have made it this far."


We've seen it for ourselves, Detroit definitely has her back! We can only imagine how it feels too have real support from her home town, "I have so many people offering services for free, all of the support on social media, Detroit has helped me quit my job. I would like to thank Jennifer (Queen of Southfield) for all of her support as well. I'm so grateful and I love my city."


Detroit Flower Company started with just Ja'Nye and since her business continues to grow we were curious to know if she plans on expanding, "For now, it’s just three of us. We are the dream team and it is a team full of amazing women. Special shout out to Tiara. This is who everyone speaks to on our social media platforms and this is who makes sure our orders are on time. My best fiend, Lele is our delivery driver. She works non-stop and makes sure everyone gets their orders. We are currently looking over resumes now as well because we are hiring for Valentine’s Day. We are looking for a few delivery drivers, florists, and an assistant for Tiara." Since we've made it to a new year, you know we wanted to know what else she has in store for her business, "Since I now have a shop for my flowers, I see my first location BOOMING! I would love to do more weddings, and larger events. I will also love to have my Flower truck." With what we've seen Ja'Nye do so far with her business, there's no doubt that she'll accomplish her goals and Detroit Baddie will always show our support. We are also glad to announce that Detroit Flower Company will now become one of our sponsors for the Baddie of The Month, when giving our baddies free items that are included in their pamper day!

With Ja'Nye being our first feature of the series, we wanted to know how she felt and if there was anything else she would like to see from us , "I'm grateful and love everything you all are doing for me and other women in the city! I am a hardworking ass Bitch! Before DFC, I had 6 jobs. Before the whip, I was on the DDOT. I feel like kindness and being genuine goes a long way and that's what got me here." We all know that becoming an entrepreneur isn't as easy as some may think and wanted JaNye to give out some advice to upcoming entrepreneurs, "BET ON YOURSELF. I have a great support system. I should have bet on myself a long time ago. Take the risk and NEVER GIVE UP!" We were honored to meet and provide a day of pampering for JaNye and wish her the best of luck on her future endeavors and can't wait to see where she takes her company


We look forward to meeting other hardworking women within the city to nominate as our next Baddie of The Month and show our appreciation for all that you ladies do.

If you know someone who deserves a day of pampering and someone who deserves to be highlighted, feel free to nominate your favorite BADDIE!

Stay tuned for our next blog post and don't forget to follow us on Instagram & Twitter @DetroitBaddieLLC, and subscribe to our website for everything else we have in store!


Chante' Wiggins

Social Media/Blog Content Creator

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