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April Baddie of the Month 

We took some time off... but were BACK! We had the opportunity to pamper another hard working baddie from the D, getting things done.

Baddie of The Month is one of our favorite days because we love making a baddie's day and providing them with a day of pampering because they truly deserve it. 

For April, we had the opportunity to make Dominique Evans our Baddie of the month! She is the owner of  Neikos Cupcakes where she specializes in making some of the most beautiful and delicious cakes, cupcakes and much more. She was nominated by one of her good friends and we couldn't miss the opportunity to make her day!

We were able to chat with Neiko a little bit about how she was feeling, "I'm so happy! I didn't know anything about this and I'm so grateful that you all chose me." All things we love to hear!  This day wouldn't hav been possible without the help of our amazing sponsors. So we want to give a special shout out to all of our sponsors that helped us make this day happen! Below are their Instagram accounts:


Makeup: @la.salllee
Photographer: @calla_capture
Gift Basket: @immackulate_delights
Flowers: @detroitflowerco
Dinner: @purposelyprepared
Clothing set: @bougiegaloreofficial

If you know of a baddie here in Detroit who deserves to be pampered for all of their hard work, nominate them right here on the website to be our next Baddie of The Month!


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