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August Baddie of the Month 

We’ve been on a roll highlighting and showcasing some of the talented women right here from Detroit and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! We’ve had the pleasure of selecting two beautiful Baddie of The Months this year but this time around, our third nominee was a little special….


But first, If this is your first time reading our Baddie Blog or hearing about The Baddie of The Month, BOTM was created to shine a light on the hard working women in the city. We want the women in the city who may not always get the recognition they deserve to be pampered throughout the day starting with getting their hair done, getting their nails done, makeup, and to end the day with a photoshoot! We’re so thankful for our sponsors for offering their services and providing gifts to help make our Baddies day.


(Sponsors Instagram names)

Hair: beauty_bymo  

Nails: prissycrysi_

Makeup: mulanotmufasa

Photographer: visualsxnik

Flowers: detroitflowerco

Candles: selfcaresundayxo

Skincare Products: honeygirlskincare

Graphic Design Gift Card: tieralavin





Iesha Armstead was nominated by her amazing husband, who felt like she deserved a day of pampering for all she does for her family. This is was our first nomination from a husband who was nominating his wife and we definitely want to keep this trend going. The Baddies love, LOVE! Below is the message we received and we just had to share it:


(take a look at the message he sent below)


















Isn’t that the sweetest thing? We could NOT miss the opportunity to provide this hard working mommy to a pamper day, so we chose to make her our August Baddie of The Month, but what made it even better was that it was a surprise! She didn’t know what was going on till the day of.









We got a chance to chat with Iesha to learn more about her and how she was feeling throughout the day, “I’m so grateful and happy. I had no idea what my husband was doing but he’s amazing,” YES, he truly is. Iesha is also the mother to four beautiful children whose working on starting her business for Digital Planners + starting a Podcast dedicated to Black Women and the demands we face every day, so day’s like this don’t happen as much as they should for her. We wanted to make sure she was comfortable during her shoot as well since it had been a while since she was in front of a camera due to having fourth child and the pandemic. “Doing this really helped me to fall in love with myself at this size. After having my fourth child and quarantining for a year I packed on quite a bit of weight. Although I lost a lot I still have work to do, but in the meantime baby girl is fine as F&#K!” WE KNOW THAT’S RIGHT! Talk your sh*t girl!


We’re so happy to have made her day and made her feel as good as she looks. This is why we do what we do and plan on making every Baddie’s day, just one step at a time.


If you know someone who deserves a day of pampering and someone who deserves to be highlighted, feel free to nominate your favorite BADDIE!


Stay tuned for our next blog post and don't forget to follow us on Instagram & Twitter @DetroitBaddieLLC, and subscribe to our website for everything else we have in store!


Chante Wiggins

Media/Blog Content Manager

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